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ACS Point Standard

The A.C.S. Point Standard has been formulated strictly as an aid for reference to both the judge and the exhibitor in choosing the best birds. At show time, all birds will be judged by the comparison method, using the point standard as a guide.


Conformation: 65 points

  • Length: 15 points
         Overall length of bird (ideally 14" not including the crest)

  • Crest: 10 points
         Length and density of equal importance (ideally 3")

  • Body Substance: 10 points
         Depth & breadth

  • Proportions: 25 points 
         The ideal length from head to end of body should be 7 inches, shoulder to           wing tips 7 inches and length of tail seven inches.   (ideally 7,7,7)

  • Head: 5 points
         Large and well rounded, eyes large, bright and alert. Brow well 
         pronounced. Beak clean, normal length and tucked in. Cheek 
         patches  uniformly rounded and brightly colored. Bib deep


Condition: 15 points 

 Bird in obvious good health, tight feathered, all feathers grown and in place, clean and unfrayed.


Deportment: 15 points

Steadiness and posture, basically the result of thorough show training, including no drooping shoulders or crossed wing tips.


Color and Markings: 5 points

See the A.C.S. Show Standard for details under each type's classification.

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