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Benefits of Membership

New Member Booklet: 

Information on purchasing a new cockatiel, diet, housing, wing and toe nail clipping, taming, handfeeding, common diseases, harmful plants, exhibiting, frequently asked questions, beginning genetics and more.  (Currently under revision.)


The American Cockatiel Society publishes a quarterly magazine featuring articles on pet care, breeding, management, genetics and many other subjects of educational value and interest to the pet owner, breeder and exhibitor.



When you become a member of the American Cockatiel Society you have access to a team of experienced and dedicated advisors. Advice is free of charge and you are encouraged to connect to advisors covering such facets of the Cockatiel as breeding, management, genetics and pet care.



Closed, traceable, metal bands coded with A.C.S. and the member’s own personal code are available for a small charge.


Shows & Awards: 

A.C.S. banded cockatiels may earn A.C.S. points to become champions or grand champions. A yearly specialty show is held in addition to shows judged by accredited judges. Location of shows and lists of winners are published on the American Cockatiel Society website and in the magazine. 

A single membership is one person.

A dual membership is two people residing at the same address.
Single memberships have one vote.

Dual memberships have 2 votes.

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