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A friendly Competition to see who's bird is

"Best In Show"

Everyone is welcome to bring their bird and try their hand at exhibition... Birds are judged in a cage/showbox in a controlled environment. 

Below will be more information and links on where to find out more... be sure to also check out our social media and ask any questions you may have!

So you have heard and read all you can about exhibiting your cockatiels.  People are saying...just do it!  

You will want to study the  ACS Standard.


Check the  Show Calendar  for upcoming shows!!!


Being prepared will make your showing experience much more enjoyable.  You can fill out your Show Form  early.  If your showing Novice, check your bands against the Advance Band Code List.   If there is an advanced band in your list, that bird(s) must be shown in the advanced division but this will not affect your status as a Novice Exhibitor.


Now your watching the show...The judge probably explained what they are looking for and how they utilize the   ACS Point Standard.


The show is over now and your birds have placed on top bench!  WAY-TO-GO!!!!!  You want to figure out how many points they received.  To do this, you will need to refer to the 

ACS Show Point Schedule & Definitions.

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