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ACS Copyright Information

The policy of the American Cockatiel Society (ACS) is to allow reprints of articles, after receiving permission to reprint from the ACS webmaster, provided that credit is given to ACS and the author.


Articles with "All Rights Reserved" headings may not be reprinted.


The ACS Magazine, website contents, and the ACS Standard, visual (logo bird) and written, are copyrighted. Duplication and/or downloading of this image or written material is forbidden under copyright law.


Unsolicited manuscripts and photographs are welcome, provided they are original. We reserve the right to edit any material. Letters, photos and communications, sent to ACS, become property of ACS and are subject to editing and publication. The opinions expressed in the ACS magazine are not necessarily those of the American Cockatiel Society or of the Editorial Staff.


The American Cockatiel Society, the ACS website and magazine, and its staff assume no responsibility for claims of advertisers or for the quality of goods or services the advertisers provide. We will not knowingly publish any advertising from someone convicted of a bird related crime.


ACS strives for accuracy of the ACS website and in the magazine, and assumes no liability for content, corrections of errors or omissions.

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