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The ACS and NCS Advanced Exhibitor Band Codes are provided so that show secretaries and stewards can identify cockatiels Bred and Banded by Advanced Exhibitors.  The first list is for ACS banded birds that are listed Band Codes in the table below.  The second list is for NCS banded birds.  These lists are to be used when checking in Novice Birds into the Show Secretaries Book.  This is done to insure that a Novice Exhibitor does not accidentally exhibit an advanced cockatiel in Novice. Any cockatiel that is banded by an Advanced Exhibitor and is shown in Novice must be disqualified.  It is recommended that your Show Delegate provide this list to your show secretary and ask that it be placed into the Show Secretaries Book prior to the show.

Click here to download the ACS & NCS Advanced Exhibitor Band Codes



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