Raffle Birds 
(Click on pictures to see pedigree and larger image)

See Rules Below
Bird 1
CH Cinnamon Pearl/pied cock
Bird 2
Normal Hen/pied
86A normal hen collage.jpg
Pair 3
Emerald Pair
emerald pair.jpg
Pair 4
WF Cinnamon Pied Cock
Pearl Pied/wf Hen
pair 4.jpg
Bird 5
Cinnamon Pearl Hen
Can be shown in Novice
Bird 6
DYC Pied Cock
1.  Bird 1,  Open to people who currently exhibit cockatiels or are interested in showing.  He only needs 5 points to be an NCS Grand Champion and has his BIS in ACS.
2.  All others are open to all.
3.  Buyer pays shipping
4.  Do NOT put raffle anywhere on your order.  Paypal will NOT accept it.
5.  Be sure to put how many tickets you want for each bird and the bird/pair number. Put info in       "Ticket Distribution" area (i.e. Bird 1, Pair 3, etc.)
6.  Buy below (preferred) or make paypal payment to:  president@acstiels.com 
7.  Live drawing via FB on Saturday evening, 11/7 at 7:30 pm EST
Ticket Prices
1 for $10.00
15 for $100.00
3 for $25.00
25 for $150.00
7 for $50.00
40 for $200.00