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Breeders and Supporters


Home page listings are available to all ACS supporter's at NO extra charge.There are only a few requirements to participate in the listing:* You must be a member in good standing.* You must be actively working to promote A.C.S. serving as a State Representative, Board Member, Judge, Advisor, Appointed Officer, Affiliated club or in such capacity that promotes A.C.S.* Your page and any secondary links held within your site must be in support of A.C.S.

The American Cockatiel Society assumes no responsibility for claims of these listings, for the quality of goods or services the advertisers provide or for the quality of the birds that may be offered for sale on the linked web sites. We will not knowingly link to any site of someone that has been convicted of a bird-related crime. A.C.S. does not endorse the stock, be it breeding or pet birds, of any of these listings.

BirdsNow - website

Boldt, Cathy - email

Blazich, April - email

CockatielsPlusParrots - website  Linda S. Rubin - email  Columnist at

Cockatiel World - website

Feathered Frenzy Aviary - website  Sandra Warren- email  618-843-1460 

Winging It Aviary - email  website - Charlie Gonder

Greeson's Baby Parrots - website

Roger Heroux - email

Johnson, Jan Lyons - email


Love Tiels Aviary  - website   Wendy LaBanca, CAS- email   Rhode Island ~ Cockatiels and More!


New England Cockatiel Breeders & Exhibitors (NECBE) - website

Redondo, Joan - email

Reed, NancyWindsor, CT

Shady Oaks Cockatiels - website  Susan Ansley - email


Would you like to become a Supporting member? Send $20.00, in addition to your membership dues for the year, to:  ACS Memberships  C/O Bert McAulay  

                                        P. O. Box 980055

                                        Houston, TX  77098-0055

Supporting membership will receive your name listed in the ACS magazine for the current year.

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