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2023 ACS Specialty Show Information

45th Annual American Cockatiel Society

Specialty Show


October 27-29, 2023
ACS Specialty Show Weekend
Hosted by:
Bluegrass Bird Breeders

Quality Suites Hotel
1500 E Crystal Dr.
LaGrange, KY 40031

Specialty Judge:  Roger Heroux
Regional Show
Sunday Show:  Bee Thor
Baby Show:  Chris Orowitz

Contact: Josh Perkins 

Bonus Points will be awarded!
Double points for each placement 1st - 10th

Is your club interested in hosting the ACS Specialty Show?

Here is the application the club needs to submit by Oct 1st.
for BOD consideration - please download and print

as per ACS bylaws...

SECTION 2, ACS Specialty Show: 
1. The American Cockatiel Society, Inc. will pay for transportation, not to exceed coach air fare, lodging and meals (which is considered average or normal) to the American Cockatiel Society Judge that judges at Board of Directors approved shows. 

2. The Judges panel will make a recommendation for the next year’s Advanced Specialty Show Judge at the Judges Panel Annual meeting. This recommendation will consider seniority of panel judge. Also, the recommended panel judge must live outside the region of the Specialty Show and not have judged a Specialty Show in the last 5 years. The recommendation of the Judges panel will be presented to the ACS Board of Directors for final approval. Once approved by the Board of Directors, the name of the selected judge will be announced at the General membership meeting. 

3. ACS affiliated clubs will make application to host the ACS Specialty show by mailing their application to the ACS Vice President of Exhibition. That ACS Vice President will collect all applications and present all locations to the ACS Board of Directors for a vote. The ACS Specialty show will not be awarded to the same region two years in a row, (exception: if only one club applies to host the Specialty, it will be approved as the host club-regardless of regional location.) Whenever possible, this Board of Directors vote should take place at the Specialty show board meeting with the results announced at the general membership meeting.

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