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The American Cockatiel Society, Inc., America's original and oldest International cockatiel society, was founded in 1976 and strives to cover the complete field of Cockatiels, from the perspective of the pet owner to that of champion exhibitor. In addition to our web site, we publish for our membership an informative quarterly magazine that discusses pet care, healthcare, breeding, genetics, nutrition, exhibition, caging and more. We hope that you enjoy our website and consider becoming a member of our society.

Our goals are to:

  • Encourage an interest in and understanding of the Cockatiel as a pet or exhibition bird.

  • Encourage improvement of the Cockatiel through closed banding, selective breeding and record keeping.

  • Increase interest in mutations through study pertaining to the cockatiel.

  • Exchange ideas, and inform all members throughout the world, through the medium of the American Cockatiel Society Magazine.

  • Support research pertaining to the nutrition and diseases of Cockatiels.

  • Establish a panel of qualified judges so that judging will be of uniform quality, governed by the standard.

  • Have and support an American Cockatiel Society Specialty Show each year.

You're Slated For Success With ACS!

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